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About THA


Trophy Hunters Alberta advises all guests that, as a responsible outfitter, we make every reasonable effort not to oversell our hunts. We do not want our hunters to come to us with unrealistic expectations. We book hunters who indicate they will be happy with a solid effort and a well run hunt with highly qualified, tested and proven guides. Our sport is called 'hunting', not 'killing'. We are a 100 per cent 'fair chase' operator and stress principles and ethics above all else. We do not use any type of bait. Hunters who indicate to us that they would only be happy by harvesting a 'book', or 'near book', animal, are usually referred to other outfitters. If these hunters persevere, they will eventually find an outfitter who will tell them what they want to hear. Any outfitter offering any type of guarantee is either new to the outfitting business, inexperienced, unethical or any combination of the foregoing.

It is important that we maintain proper perspective in our individual quests for that true trophy. One deer in every 750 killed in Alberta makes the 'book', versus about one per million in North America. According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF), only two per cent of the elk killed in North America are 6-pointers. Check the record books to see how many mule deer are listed that have a spread greater than 32 inches.

We suggest to our hunting guests that we hope to be able to show them minimum 125 class whitetail and 140 class mule deer on our whitetail and mule deer primary hunts respectively. In fact, our rifle mule deer primary hunters harvest success has been 100% each of the past 10 years with an average score of 160 class B&C! On our moose hunts, we suggest that our guests should hopefully see 30" to 45" moose, while annually we usually harvest several moose with spreads exceeding 50". On our elk hunts we suggest that our hunters should hope to see 230 class to 300 class elk. Check out our Photo Gallery to see some of the massive big game that our hunters have harvested. We want you to harvest that big animal as much as you do. Our hunting guests appreciate our honesty and are rarely disappointed!

We anticipate that hunters should see a variety of big game, and while we cannot guarantee a harvest, we can guarantee 100% effort and perhaps the hunting experience of a lifetime with the potential for world-class results. We'll help you spot the game - you decide whether it meets your criteria, and if so, the hunt will be on, be it calling, spot and stalk, working the bush, ground blind hunting behind camo or in a simulated hay bale, tree stand hunting or some combination of these proven techniques. Whenever possible, we'll call the elk and moose in for these types of hunts, while we'll push and/or 'talk' to the deer, as required, for the mule deer and whitetail hunts.

We all want to harvest a 'book' animal however, in the sport of hunting, this just doesn't happen every hunt. Booking your next hunt with a quality outfitter such as Trophy Hunters Alberta, however, certainly improves your odds. Over the past 20 years, we have harvested some serious Boone & Crockett (B&C) and Pope & Young (P&Y) book animals.

Our hunters experience serious successes every year with an average between 2 to 6 book animals harvested by THA hunters in each of the past 20 years.

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