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General Comments

"I've been on many mule deer hunts and harvested my biggest mule deer ever on this hunt with THA. As well as TV coverage through our North American Hunting Club TV series, I'll be writing a piece for NAHC Magazine that will recommend THA as a unique opportunity, especially for large mule deer and for combo hunts. I was blown away by the variety and numbers of wildlife we saw - mule deer, whitetails, black bear, moose, elk coyotes, many different birds. My guide was top notch - he's the kind of guy you could put anywhere with a client after any game and they would be successful. I really appreciate THA's attention to detail. It really let me know what to expect and what was expected of me "
Bill Miller, Executive Director, North American Media Group

"Trophy Hunters Alberta Inc. is one of the best outfitters in all of North America, let alone Canada."
Glenn Thompson, North American Outdoor Adventures

THA is the most businesslike and professional operation that I have ever worked with. Accommodations, food and hospitality were beyond expectations. The hunt was very well explained to me and transpired exactly as indicated. I would highly recommend THA."
Oliver Fischer, SCI Writer

Trophy Hunters Alberta is the best outfitter, with the best guides and the best mule deer, that I have ever hunted with."
Tim Wells, Outdoor Writer & TV Host

"My mule deer hunt was excellent value and a true team effort. The outfitter, guides, ranch family and community all played a part in my excellent experience with THA. I observed 100s of mule deer daily with 25 to 40 bucks per day. I came as a client and left as a friend and part of the family."
Al Kuntz, Al's Worldwide Adventures

"Fantastic hunt! Awesome! If you want to hunt mule deer, this is the place. Great hunt, great guides, great hospitality. I couldn't ask for a more enjoyable place to hunt. The competent and ethical guides coupled with lots of mule deer and outstanding food made this hunt enjoyable and successful. Well done THA and your team!"
Michael Cooley, President/CEO, The Sportsman Channel

"This was one of the best hunts that I have ever been on. The guides were world class."
Dan Parrott, Hunting Educator & TV Host

"Great time! 3 mile stalk, 500 yard crawl, 300 yard shot, beautiful!"
David A. - North Pole, AK

"Randy was a pleasure to be around, relentless and tenacious in trying lots of strategies to get me a shot at a big one. He is a bowhunter himself and knows the terrain, land owners, and the game. I strongly recommend him. After 6 repeat hunts, what more can I say."
Jim B. - Fairbanks, AK

"Rylan and Chad did a nice job guiding and entertaining. Chad’s wife Megan prepared some fine evening meals."
Frank Z. - Butler, MI

"Quantity and quality of game were excellent. The food was also excellent."
J.T. C. - Morehead, KY

"Dale and Eileen were great hosts. Dale works his butt off for me and I gained 10 pounds from all the food Eileen cooked for me. I would like to move here just so I could enjoy the wildlife."
Steve C. - Hayden, ID

"We had a great time. Would highly recommend Tyler and Brett Lucas. Great hunt, great people – tons of deer!"
Mark J. - Enumclaw, WA

"Great trip. Beautiful country, fabulous animals, wonderful people."
Peter B. - Ann Arbor, MI

"The guides said “Never give up”... Look what that led to! (a successful Moose harvest)"
Kurtis L. - Fort Wayne, IN

"That hunt rocked! Thanks for organizing this special half day hunt. I had a shot and missed with my bow and only hunted for five hours."
Robert L. - Little Rock, AR

"Overall, one of the best end-to-end packages I have seen."
Robert M. - New Boston, NH

"The guide is a winner. Very dedicated, good attitude, fun to be with. Does the job!"
Ken M. - Montrose, CO

"When David (my son) got his wolf he said “was the best day of my life”. Guide was extremely helpful and knowledgeable (Father and Son wolf hunt)."
David M. - Southlake, TX

"If you require a reference regarding your mule deer hunts, let me know I would be happy to provide this for you as your level of service was top notch. Thanks again for a great hunt!"
Jeff M. - Bourget, ON

"Had a very good time! Brett worked very well with us."
Craig M. - Chelan, WA

"Brett is a great guide. Great trip! Covered miles of beautiful country and saw 100+ deer the first day. Took a great mule deer at sunset. Perfect hunt!"
Craig M. - Northampton, MA

"Great hunt, fabulous accommodations. Wonderful people to with. Great guides."
Earl S. - Victoria, MN

"The accommodations and guides were great."
Michael S. - Brookings, SD

"Shoot the chipmunk ;) Excellent guide. 100% knowledgeable. THA’s communication was very good from start to finish."
Clay S. - Billings, MT

"Everything was excellent (quality and quantity of game, guide’s ability and competence, food and accommodations)"
Robert S. - Glenwood, MN

"Had a great time. Wanna come back on my 3rd hunt and try 305. Saw some bruisers."
Pete S. - Plymouth, MI

"Guide was excellent. Great food and accommodations."
Steve S. - Priest River, ID

"Quantity of game, guide and accommodations were excellent."
Chris S. - Moses Lake, WA

"Enjoyed the people as much as the hunt. The accommodations were “superlative”. Devon’s knowledge of the area, the local landowners etc. Was a huge factor in our success. Also, he was a great eye. Great Experience!!!"
Dale C. - Damascus, OR

"Quantity of game, guide, food and accommodation were excellent."
Ray S. - Woodland, WA

"Chris was an excellent guide to have, Very knowledgeable on the game."
Steve W. - Chesterfield, MI

"The best I have hunted with! The guides are superior people. Each year gets better! (Pat’s second hunt with THA)"
Pat W. - Westlake Village, CA

"Best guide in the world. Well and smoothly run."
Jim B. - Fairbanks, AK

"Great terrain, good deer, great hunt."
Jim B. - Vancouver, BC

"Great mule deer hunt. Staying at Lucasia Ranch was great. Whole family was really fun to get to know. Guides really did a great job finding us game in unit."
Peter C. - Independence, MN

"I would definitely use either of the guides anywhere, I would hunt. My group shot the biggest mule deer we saw during our 6 day hunt and are very happy with our deer."
Randall S. - Waconia, MN

"Guides did an excellent job. Would hunt with them anywhere, anytime."
Stan G. - Leavenworth, KS

"The guides and camp were great!"
Luke V. - Mandon, ND

"I don’t think I could hope to get as big as a moose over the rest of my life! The moose hunt was great. We saw lots of animals and I go back with an awesome trophy. Darrell (the guide) knowledge of the moose hunting is profound, and he knows his territory like the back of his hand – great!"
J.F. C. - Kamloops, BC

"The quality of the hunt including guides, quality of game, and accommodations were great. Guide worked very hard to get me an opportunity to take a great mule deer."
Rick D. - Alpena, MI

"This was one of my best hunts ever! Great people, great food, great hunt. We saw an average of 100 deer daily."
Tom H. - Valencia, PA

"Exceeded my expectations. Devon was a great guide. Dale and Eileen were a pleasure to spend time with. Devon listened to my objectives for the hunt and put me in front of many animals that met or exceeded these expectations. If you’re looking for great game, great people and inspiring land, there is no better place to hunt."
Larry L. - Valencia, PA

"Great guides and accommodations."
Kyle P. - Sparks, NV

"My stay at the Lucasia Ranch was a memory of a lifetime. Guide was very knowledgeable of the area."
Thomas P. - Reno, NV

"I’m very happy with guides. Both Chad and Rylan are very professional. I want to bring my son on my next trip."
Pat W. - Westlake Village, CA

"We’re having a great time. Arts and Crafts are awesome ;) This is some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen."
Curt H. - Clarkston, WA

"Jay (the guide) is awesome! He’s the best guide I’ve ever been about."
Robert U. - Asotin, WA

"The guide, equipment, food and accommodation were excellent and I had a great time."
Gary A. - Battle Ground, WA

"Everything was excellent or very good and the hunt was as I expected based on my pre-hunt discussions with THA. I would recommend THA to my friends & other hunters and will definitely book with THA on my next Alberta hunt."
Roger A. - Pascagoula, MI

"My 4th straight mule deer hunt with THA and my 4th beautiful mule deer. It doesn't get any better than this. My guide, Dennis, is the best guide I have ever hunted with and I have hunted worldwide. As a team, we are too tough to stop and I'm already booked for next year. My advice to anyone contemplating a hunt with THA is "Book early & book often". As always, I would be pleased to be a reference for THA. "
Jim B. - Fairbanks, AK

"Guides competence & hunting ethics were excellent. He was the hardest working guide I've ever had. I would be happy to be a THA reference and would book with THA on returning to Alberta."
Dale B. - Casco, MI

"I had a real good hunt with an excellent guide and I harvested an excellent whitetail early in my hunt. I saw lots of deer, both whitetail & mule deer. "
Richard C. - Plainfield, NH

"I am very happy with the mule deer I killed. The weather was good for hunting and the area was very pretty.
John E. - Elk Grove, CA

"Every aspect of our mule deer hunt was great. The only downside to this hunt is that future hunts won't be able to match it. We are a group of 4 hunters on our 4th mule deer hunt including New Mexico and this is the 1st time any of us have pulled the trigger. All 4 of us got great muleys during the first 3 days of our hunt and we also harvested a 6x6 elk. I will gladly be a THA reference and will return."
Greg E. - Madison Lake, MN

"This was an excellent hunt for my first attempt. I had lots of opportunities, but I have to learn how to shoot. The hunt was as I expected it would be and I will recommend THA to my friends and other hunters. You can use me as a reference."
Ben G. - Dallas, TX

"I saw a lot of wildlife & many mule deer. Everything was excellent and expected based on pre-hunt information. I ran out of bullets. I would certainly return with THA."
Case G. - Dallas, TX

"Everything was excellent and Tyler was a great guide. Jardi & Neil were wonderful hosts, the food was great and we would recommend THA and be a reference."
Marty G. - Dallas, TX

"Our guides were excellent and worked very hard and handled everything very proficiently. It was very windy. The place we stayed in was great. Jardi & Neil were great hosts. I would recommend THA and be pleased to be a reference."
Walt G. - Argyle, TX

"This was an excellent hunt and the host family and my guide were great. I hunted hard for 3 days and walked over 18 miles and killed a 170 class 300# buck. The hunt was as previously described by THA and I would recommend THA to my friends and other hunters. I may not get to the top of the hill first, but I will get there. I would be happy to be a THA reference."
Buck H. - South Lake, TX

"Great guys, great country, knowledgeable guides, super food and good densities of whitetail and mule deer. Everything was excellent. I would recommend THA to my friends and would book with THA on returning to Alberta. My hunt was professionally coordinated and executed extremely well by the guides. If all your guides are as knowledgeable and professional as I experienced, I predict that THA will continue on a great tradition of high quality outfitting."
Mark K. - Pierre, SD

"Great hunt! I especially enjoyed hunting with our guides, Skip & Luke. My 2005 mule deer hunt with THA was an experience I had to share with my son. We both took excellent bucks this year and will remember this hunt forever. You can use me as a reference and if I return to Alberta, I'll be booking with THA."
Kirk L. - Pekosky, MI

"Everything was excellent and I had a great experience. Our guides were top-notch and gave us tremendous opportunities to see, stalk and shoot at true trophy mule deer. If you are looking for a lifetime of memories, a mule deer hunt with THA will do the trick. You can use me as a reference."
Kyle L. - Pekosky, MI

"Everything about my THA mule deer hunt was excellent. The local guides have great knowledge of the hunting area and know all the mule deer patterns and escape routes. THA has the best guides I have ever hunted with. After 3 unsuccessful mule deer hunts in the US & Mexico, we all harvested great mule deer with THA. I would be pleased to be a THA reference and will definitely hunt with THA on my return to Alberta."
Larry N. - Mankato, MN

"The pre-hunt communications, logistics, quantity & quality of game and the guide, equipment, food and accommodation were all excellent. Gary took great care of our moose and the hunt was exactly as we were told it would be. I had great time with my son and would recommend THA to my friends. You can use me as a reference and I will certainly hunt with THA on my next hunt in Alberta."
Pete P. - Bozeman, MT

"Everything about our moose hunt was excellent even though the weather was somewhat warmer than we had hoped for. The hunt was as THA described it prior to our arrival and I would be pleased to be a THA reference."
Trevor P. - Bozeman, MT

"I have never met such a professional group of people in my life. Everything was excellent and the host family was so giving to me. The hunt was as purported in pre-hunt communications and there were no surprises. I would recommend THA to anyone looking for a great mule deer hunt. I am very much looking forward to returning. I would be pleased to be a reference for THA."
Chuck R. - Keller, TX

"Everything was excellent, or better than excellent and was as described prior to the hunt. The quantity and quality of the mule deer was superb as was our guide, accommodation & food. The winds were strong and difficult to get used to but they did allow us to target, and sneak in on, specific coulees that held animals. You can use me as a reference and on my return to Alberta, I'll book with THA."
Pete S. - Plymouth, MI

"Everything met, or exceeded, my expectations, particularly the accommodation & food. My next Alberta hunt will be with THA and I would be pleased to be a reference. "
Don S. - Woodhaven, MI

"Everything about my hunt was excellent and I got a great mule deer. We scouted the deer on the evening before the start of my hunt and I knew I wanted him. We found him again the next day and my trophy was in the bag. I would be pleased to be a THA reference and will definitely return to again hunt with THA."
Jeff T. - Hastings, MN

"Dale and Eileen were great hosts and Dale was a very conscientious guide. We saw lots of game and I harvested a beautiful mule deer. Dale certainly knew the mule deer habits and where they would be. Hunting was always lively & never boring. We look forward to returning to again hunt with THA. "
Eddie T. - Corpus Christie, TX

"Great! Everything was excellent and I had a great time. The hunt was as described beforehand by THA and there were no surprises. I would recommend THA and be pleased to be a reference."
Dale T. - Lecenter, MN

"The pre-hunt communications, quantity & quality of game, guide's competence & ethics and food & hospitality were all excellent and I look forward to returning to again hunt with THA. It's sure nice to finally get my mule deer after 3 unsuccessful muley hunts elsewhere. Everything was as purported in THA's pre-hunt communications and I would be pleased to be a THA reference."
Randy W. - Madison Lake, MN

"This was my first archery mule deer hunt with THA and I had a great time. My guide was knowledgeable, friendly and competent with unquestionable ethics. I came to shoot a mule deer and a coyote with my bow and got both in the first two days. Everything was excellent, especially my pre-hunt communications with THA, and there were no surprises. I would certainly recommend THA to my friends and other hunters and look forward to returning to hunt with THA soon."
Tim W. - Kalispell, MT

"Everything the guide, equipment, food and accommodation were excellent and I had a great time."
Jesse W. - Frostproof, FL

"The hunt was exactly as purported in pre-hunt communications and the quantity of mule deer was excellent. The guides worked hard to find the best deer and knew the area very well. The trophy & meat care was excellent. This was a fun private land hunt with good quality wild mule deer and with good people. I would be pleased to be a THA reference & will book with THA on my next Alberta hunt."
Tom A. - Coppell, TX

"The hunt, guides, camp, accommodation and food were excellent and I would be pleased to be a THA reference."
Ross A. - Swannanoa, NC

"The quantity & quality of game was excellent. I got my moose and enjoyed great guides, a great camp and great food and saw a lot of game. The guides' ethics and competence were outstanding. I would recommend THA and you can use me as a reference."
Matthew A. - Swannanoa, NC

"This was the complete package with alternate options that led to success. The hunt was even better, much better than purported in pre-hunt communications. THA is a great organization with great guides and great support and I'll be back for my 4th THA hunt next year. As great as THA is, they are always striving to improve as evidenced this year by introducing a wonderful new local guide. An extra thrill was being able to hunt with the head of THA, Peter Brill. He was as great in the field as he is as an organizer. And he serves fine wine. Thanks again for everything."
Jim B. - Fairbanks, AK

"THA did everything possible to make this a successful hunt in spite of the difficulty finding moose. The guide, food, accommodation, equipment and field support from THA in Calgary was excellent. I would recommend THA to my friends and other hunters and would be please to be a THA reference."
Joe B. - Wilkesboro, NC

"We had great guides and staff. The accommodations were wonderful. Moose hunting was difficult and was not helped by crunchy snow and fog."
Brandon B. - Kennewick, WA

"The quantity of game and the competent, ethical guide met my expectations. My guide was very pleasurable to be around, yet very aggressive in pursuing the mule deer. I was pleased with Tyler's ability to communicate pertinent information. I would recommend THA and be a reference for prospective hunters."
Todd C. - Sutherlin, OR

"Everything was excellent and particularly the mule deer."
Leon H. - Chebeague Island, ME

"There was lots of game and I got my moose. My guide was outstanding and my trophy was handled well. His experience helped determine the best shot and he made my hunt a very pleasant experience. THA came through in the crunch and ensured my hunt was successful. You can use me as a reference. Thanks to Gary and THA for an excellent hunting experience. "
Josh H. - Pasco, WA

"I saw more deer than I have seen in my lifetime - a long lifetime. Everything was excellent and Dale was a wonderful, knowledgeable and competent guide. I have already rebooked another mule deer hunt for next year and would certainly recommend THA to my friends and other hunters."
Bob H. - Manheim, PA