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About THA

Welcome to the THA Website!

Trophy Hunters Alberta offers Top Quality Hunting Experiences and the Best Hunting Value

Trophy Hunters Alberta (THA) is a family run operation that offers big game hunting for Mule Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer and Elk throughout central and southern Alberta for both rifle and archery hunters. THA has received multiple awards for harvesting the largest species in their respective categories over the past few years. Each year at the annual Alberta Professional Outfitter's Society Convention, there are only eight awards available to the Province's 450 outfitters for species hunted by THA and the odds of winning one of these coveted awards is less than 2%. This past year, we received the award for the 'Largest Elk, Archery on an Outfitted Hunt'. We recently also received the award for the 'Largest Mule Deer, Archery on an Outfitted hunt'. In previous years we have also won the award for the 'Largest Whitetail - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt' on two occasions and the award for the 'Largest Moose - Archery on an Outfitted Hunt'. We have access to the best area and guides in the province!

We are the only outfitter in the province that has won awards for each of our big game (Mule Deer, Moose, Whitetail Deer and Elk)

You may visit our photo gallery, with over 1,000 pictures of big game harvests, accommodations and scenery.

Watch for the ongoing TV special on the awesome 378 6/8 SCI muzzleloader Moose killed on a filmed hunt with our company by famous TV host Dan Parrott. Also catch the two ongoing TV specials of the two double kills of both Mule Deer (including a 176 class) and whitetail (including a 145 class) on a 3 1/2 day hunt by Ron Koch and Wayne Brensinger, co-hosts of the TV program 'Outdoor Buddies Adventures'. And don't forget the former World Record Shiras moose killed by Brad Miller that scored 461 7/8 SCI and had a spread of 61 inches.

Tim Wells, TV Host and Video Producer, who had already harvested over a dozen Pope & Young deer in his hunts with us, returned again for last year. This most recent fall Tim harvested a beautiful 315 class elk with his bow. Recently he also harvested a huge 195 class mule deer with his bow. During his years with THA, Tim has also archery killed a 195 class drop-tine whitetail and a 172 class whitetail to complement his annual trophy P&Y mule deer.

We have been honored to be the premiere choice for Alberta big game hunts by Al Kuntz, Hunting Consultant with 'Al's Worldwide Adventures' and holder of 4 Big Game World Records. It was a real pleasure to hunt with Al who has hunted mule deer on numerous occasions with other outfitters. His largest muley harvested prior to hunting with us was just under 170 class to date. We knew Al would be most discriminating in his choice of mule deer hunt and indeed he was as his 2nd day 175 class mule deer was a new personal best. Al will be remembered for his dedication to the hunting industry.

We were honored for the second time to host Michael Cooley, Founder, President and CEO of the 'Sportsman Channel'. Mike is an avid hunter who videos all his hunts and who had never hunted mule deer. On his first hunt with THA, Mike harvested his 1st mule deer, a 185 class bruiser. His second hunt he harvested another awesome mule deer. He was able to catch on video, three other serious mule deer harvests during this hunt. Watch for an upcoming TV program on the Sportsman Channel featuring Mike's successful mule deer hunt with THA.

Bill Miller, VP Media Development & Production for the North American Media Group and Executive Director for North America Hunting Club, harvested an awesome trophy Mule Deer. Bill had hunted mule deer many times with other Outfitters but got his largest muley over this year with THA. Bill was impressed with the professionalism of the guides and commented that 'THA operates one of the best Outfits that I've ever experienced.'

Due to their prominence in the field of big game hunting, Dan, Ron, Wayne, Tim, Al, Mike, and Bill  have access to research and reference information not readily available to most hunters and can hunt anywhere they desire. They all chose, and continue to choose, THA.

If you are looking for a future hunt in beautiful Alberta, now is the time to get serious. You will not see us at any shows, as we do not have to attend shows to sell our hunts. The majority of our hunters are repeats and referrals. Our reputation speaks for itself. You may contact our references to discuss their experience with THA.

At THA, we have the experience and ability to totally customize an Alberta hunt according to your specific desires and expectations. We know what we are doing and we get results. Due to our variety of big game allocations, we are able to offer more flexibility in time, location, terrain and hunting style than any other outfitter in Alberta. We have great people, great resources, and some of the absolute best hunting access in the province. We utilize a minimum of three questionnaires for each of our hunters to help tailor our hunts to our client preferences - we know of no other outfitter who is this thorough in the planning of their hunts.

All of our 'camps' are customized, small and personal with typically only 2 to 4 hunters, the guide(s) and a cook in any one camp. We pride ourselves in our sharp pricing, small camps and excellent service. We do not use a central facility, such as a lodge, as that would severely restrict our hunting options. Instead we operate many small camps located where the animals are, not where it might be more financially advantageous to us. We also have the capacity to accommodate larger groups upon request, however the daily hunting parties would be broken up using several different guides to spread the hunters out and provide more manageable opportunities for each individual hunter.

For our 2013 Rifle hunts, we have limited openings remaining for both rifle elk and rifle moose hunts at $5,500 to 6,000/hunter. We are also booking both rifle whitetail deer and rifle mule deer at $4,000 to $6,500/hunter with availability for each species.

For our 2013 Archery hunts, we still have availability for our archery mule deer at $4,000 to $5,000/hunter, archery whitetail deer at $4,000 to $5,000/hunter both in the highly productive prairies and the foothills of SW Alberta. We have openings for our archery moose hunts at $4,000 to $4,500/hunter and openings for our archery elk hunts $4,000 to $4,500/hunter. Several moose and elk archery hunts can be combined with additional species if desired.

All our big game hunts are fully guided with 2 hunters per guide and are all-inclusive (accommodation, meals, rough caping & transportation throughout the scheduled hunt). There are no hidden, or surprise, charges and no trophy fees:

  • 1:1 guiding is available at an additional cost of $1,500/week
  • Non-hunters welcome: $1,500/week

All hunt pricing is in US$ and licenses and tax are extra. For additional information please review the rest of our website. You may also view our photo gallery, which has hundreds of photos of many successful hunters that have been with us in the past.

To book your 2013 hunt (or 2014 or 2015 hunt at current pricing) with Alberta's most respected big game outfitter, please phone us toll-free @ (877) HUNT-YES or (877) 486-8937.

Thank you.

Tyler Brill
Big Game Outfitter
Trophy Hunters Alberta

Important Notice!

We still have excellent openings for this fall.

We are now booking hunts for this fall and future seasons at current pricing.

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