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Trophy Hunting Alberta's accommodations are all first class and range from the tent camp 'rough it' style through the full-comfort motorhome/travel trailer variety to working Alberta ranches (some triple A rated by the American Automobile Association). In some areas, cottages or rustic cabins are used or perhaps local Bed & Breakfasts. Select local hotel/motel accommodation is also used during certain hunts, depending upon availability and suitability. Although it would be more profitable for THA to have a fixed facility, such as a lodge, we believe that it is better to establish camps closer to the current location of active game, not in an area dictated by the location of a lodge.

Most of our remote tent camps are equiped with all facilities including hot showers. Where practical, the camp is located near a river allowing for abundant water for cooking and showers. In a typical elk or moose tent camp, we utilize several large tents, frequently interconnected, with the guides and cook in one area and the hunters in another area. A central area is for cooking and eating. Each tent has its own wood stove. We limit these camps to only 5 hunters and provide a minimum of at least 1guide per 2 hunters and a camp cook, who is usually also a licensed guide. To view several of our typical remote tent camps, click on remote tent camps.

Our motorhome/travel trailer camps utilize quality hard shell facilities complete with forced air heat, showers and individual beds. These camps are very portable and offer a good night's sleep and warm, dry clothes for the next morning's hunt. The flexibility of location for these portable camps allows us to locate the camps closer to where the game is, not where it is simply easier to set up the camp. In these camps, the hunters have privacy from the guides and the full time, dedicated cook. We limit these camps to a maximum of 4 hunters. To view some typical motorhome/trailer camps, click on motorhome/trailer camps.

On many of our hunts, we utilize working Alberta ranches. These are excellent facilities with all the comforts of home. A typical ranch is from 4,000 to 6,000 acres in size, however, our hunting is not limited to the home camp ranch. In Alberta, it is illegal for an outfitter to pay for land access, and it is illegal for a rancher to charge for access. As a result, access can generally only be obtained by developing and maintaining good landowner relations. By utilizing local ranches and paying the rancher for accommodation, his wife for cooking and hiring the farm family or local neighbors to guide, we obtain excellent access to large parcels of hunting territory in the local communities. To view some of our ranch accommodations, click on working Alberta ranches and then click on any of the many ranches listed under 'Accommodations'.

If we utilize a hotel or motel during a particular hunt, we predetermine suitable local restaurants that must meet our high standards.

Our first class meals are typically home cooked, all you can eat. Our basics always include fresh fruit, vegetables and spices, pure Canadian maple syrup, Canadian bacon, wild game (where practical) and a wide selection of wholesome, high energy snacks. All food is usually prepared at base camp by a camp chef, the rancher's wife or by the guide(s) at a spike, or small, camp. In all camps, there is an ample supply of fresh drinking water.

Most of our 'working Alberta ranch', 'B&B' and 'hotel/motel' hunts are primarily conducted on private land, whereas our 'remote tent' camp and 'motorhome/travel trailer' camp hunts are primarily conducted on public, or crown, land.

THA recommended Hotels near the Calgary International Airport all provide free shuttle service to their respective location. To provide hunters arriving by air with maximum flexibility during their hunt, a rental vehicle is required for travel to and from camp. THA has special rates with Enterprise Rent-a-Car near the Calgary International Airport.