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Hunters are responsible for their own personal transportation from their home to Calgary, Alberta's most modern & progressive city. We request that our hunters arrive in Alberta in the PM two days before commencement of their hunt. We then meet with each hunter the day before their hunt to review details of their hunt, including all licenses, prior to the hunter departing to camp.

We recommend that hunters arriving by air rent a vehicle to provide maximum flexibility while in Alberta. We have a special THA arrangement with Enterprise Rent-a-Car at the Calgary International Airport.

All transportation during our hunts is included in the cost of the hunt and can range from horses, ATV quads and jet boats in our more remote camps to 4x4s, walking or whatever it takes in many of our other camps.

Many hunters choose to drive to Alberta and this is recommended if possible and particularly if hunters are hunting moose or elk and desire to take all, or most, of their meat home with them.

For hunters arriving by air, we suggest that they bring their personal belongings in a couple of coolers. This way, they are able to take their meat home with them on the airplane, thus avoiding the exhorbitant cost of air freight which is much more expensive than excess baggage charges. Coolers are usually available in Calgary or Edmonton. Coolers are subject to weight limitations imposed by the various air carriers. Hunters should check with their airline to determine these limitations to minimize possible excess baggage charges.

Airline travel can be made through our suggested travel consultants at Their toll-free number is: (877) 608-3500.

THA negotiates excellent pre-hunt/post-hunt accommodation rates with a number of hotels in the vicinity of the Calgary International Airport. All hunters are provided with a list of these THA approved hotels, with the rates and a list of amenities, well in advance of their respective hunts. Most THA recommended hotels have free airport shuttle service. Also, it is recommended that hunters procure adequate trip cancellation insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances such as illness, injury, family crisis, etc. This is a hunter responsibility, and can also be obtained through