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What if I have to cancel my hunt?

The initial deposit of $1,000 is non-refundable. The remaining deposit and/or final payment is refunded only if we are able to reassign your canceled spot. In the event that we must offer a discount to fill a canceled spot, the refund will be adjusted accordingly. All hunters are advised to procure appropriate trip cancellation insurance. Our recommended travel consultants can assist you with travel insurance.

Will I see other hunters?

In some of our territories, Trophy Hunters Alberta has exclusive rights to guide non-resident hunters for the specific species we are hunting. Although we are frequently alone in the area being hunted, we may see other hunters as residents of Alberta are allowed to hunt without a guide, providing they have been selected in one of the game draws. A number of our hunts take place on "Crown", or public, land that can increase the possibility of seeing other hunters and other recreational activity.

What are my odds of hunting success?

You should see numerous animals and hopefully a "keeper". We cannot guarantee a kill, however, once your animal is identified, the hunt is on and our experienced guides will do everything in their power to help you achieve success. We want you to get your big animal as much as you do.

What is your payment policy?

Trophy Hunters Alberta requires a deposit of $1,000 to confirm your booking one or more years in advance of your hunt, with 50% of the cost of your hunt payable one year prior to your hunt. The remaining 50% is due 120 days prior to the start of your hunt.

What is the weather usually like?

The weather in Alberta is very unpredictable. If you are hunting in the foothills, or on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, snow is a distinct possibility throughout the hunting season. It pays to be prepared for any eventuality. Remember, "You can take it off, but if you don't have it, you can't put it on". Hunters should plan to dress in layers.

Do you have a standby list?

Yes, we do maintain a standby list to allow us to fill in for unforeseen cancellations. If you want your name on the standby list for a particular hunt, simply phone or e-mail us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs, although standby opportunities are rare. You are better off to book a specific hunt that you determine you want when you want it.

Is there power, and good, clean drinking water?

Power will be available at most base camps. Good, clean drinking water will always be available. Shower/bathing water will also be available in reasonable quantities.

Do I need to rent a vehicle during my hunt?

Yes, you should arrange to rent a vehicle to get to and from camp. A rental vehicle will give you complete flexibility before, during and after your hunt and allows for immediate action in the event of an early kill, a requirement to depart, or change, camp early and the flexibility to react immediately in the event of a family, or business, emergency. Unscheduled departures are facilitated with a rental vehicle. Without a rental vehicle, you would incur an additional charge for an unscheduled driving requirement. During your hunt, we will use the guide's vehicle for all hunt related transportation.