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Parkland WMUs

The parkland is a transition between the mixed-wood forests to the north and west and the drier prairies to the south and east. Stands of poplar are interspersed with grasslands and meadows, giving areas a park-like appearance. This rich agricultural land possesses black soils and generally receives ample rainfall.


Many of Alberta's major metropolitan centres occur in the parkland, including Calgary and Edmonton. The region is traversed by excellent all-season highways and gravel roads.


WMUs & Maps List

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Prairie WMUs WMU102 WMU104
  WMU106 WMU108
  WMU110 WMU132
  WMU134 WMU140
Parkland WMUs WMU212  
Foothills WMUs WMU304 WMU305
  WMU314 WMU316
  WMU318 WMU320
  WMU322 WMU324
  WMU326 WMU330
Mountain WMUs WMU400 WMU412
  WMU414 WMU417
Parkland WMUs WMU212  

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