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Hunting Areas - Overview

If you want world-class big game, you must hunt where such animals are in abundance. All of our extensive territories contain potential world record big game.

Trophy Hunters Alberta has allocations in, statistically, the most productive zones in all of Alberta. Our territories are composed of 33 different Wildlife Management Units ('WMU') that encompass some of the prime big game areas in south, south-west and west-central Alberta. A typical WMU is from 400 to 600 square miles in size, resulting in our outfit having hunting possibilities in over 15,000 square miles of Alberta. These areas include the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies called the 'Mountain' zones, the extensive areas just east of the mountains called the 'Foothills' zones, the transition zone called the 'Parkland' and the open areas in the far south and east of Alberta called the 'Prairie' zones.

In addition to public land in the mountain zones, Trophy Hunters Alberta has access to thousands of acres of private land in the south and south-western Alberta foothills and prairie zones. Big game is abundant throughout these hunting areas and, depending on what they are hunting, hunters frequently see hundreds of deer, several moose and/or a few 6-point elk in the 300 class plus category with the odd bull exceeding 315 class.

For more detailed information about our many territories, click Habitat & Terrain.

For descriptions and maps of our more prominent Wildlife Management Units ('WMUs'), click on WMUs & Maps.

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